• Wiggling In Any Market

    Wiggling In Any Market

    Mouse Wiggling Media helps clients find success in all sorts of markets - non-profit, business services, home services, personal services, retail, education, and more!
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    Finding the right solutions for your online marketing and technology needs can be confusing. Mouse Wiggling Media has the experience and expertise to help make sense of it all!
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What Can Mouse Wiggling Media Do For You?

Web Development & Design
Beautifully crafted & functional websites

Mobile Web Development
Flexible Design for Mobile Web

E-Commerce Solutions
Web store for your products

Web Hosting Solutions
Reliable, flexible & affordable

Email Hosting Solutions
Fully managed online communications

Personal Touch

Personal Touch

A job worth doing, is worth doing right! I look forward to every new project and that enthusiasm sticks with me as I work. I love this job and do the absolute best I can at every bit of it. It truly is my pleasure to help my clients and build stuff for the web – it’s a great job!

Client Approved

Client Approved

I am lucky to have great clients and some of them are generous enough to share their experiences working with me. I am very proud to include their testimonials alongside the portfolio entries for their sites!

Client Support

Client Support

Once the project is deployed, I will give you 1-month’s time of full client technical support. And, that’s on me. I will work round the clock and address any issue that may arise after deployment.

Hosting & More

Hosting & More

In addition to fully managed hosting with unlimited storage, I can make sure you have a full email system with your domain name. If your website uses a content management system (CMS), I will take care of all your security and periodic updates for no additional charge while your website is hosted by me.

Recent Client Projects

Here are some recent client projects from Mouse Wiggling Media.
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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Mouse Wiggling Media

  1. 1
    Constant Communication
    Mouse Wiggling Media will make sure you are constantly up to date on the latest developments in your project.  Through every phase, we will be in contact with each other making sure that everything progresses as expected … or better!
  2. 2
    Deadline Commitment
    Delivery on time of your final project is important to your business and the Mouse Wiggling Media reputation.  You can expect a strong commitment to the goal of staying on track throughout the project – all the way to the end.
  3. 3
    Extended Team
    When your business hires Mouse Wiggling Media, we will all work together as one large team to see your goals through to success.  We will all have a vested interest in building your business.
  4. 4
    Bug Free Code
    A job worth doing is worth doing right!  Every project of Mouse Wiggling Media goes through a rigorous quality assurance phase before final delivery so your business will have the highest quality code possible.
  5. 5
    Hands Off Management
    You’re busy running your business already, and Mouse Wiggling Media is able to take full control of your website project management.  Big decisions are always your’s to make, of course.  The rest can be confidently delegated to Mouse Wiggling Media, we’ll handle the nitty gritty!